Vivera® Retainers

Retention that Works

Align Technology offers Vivera® Retainers to help protect your patients’ beautiful smiles. For current Invisalign® patients, patients treated with wire and brackets or even those with bonded lingual and pontics, Vivera Retainers provide retention you can rely on.

Benefits of Vivera Retainers

Vivera Retainers are offered as a set of four custom retainers and provide the following benefits:

  • Retainers that are 30% stronger than other clear retainers*
  • Retainers need to be strong enough to maintain tooth position and correct minor relapse if necessary. Our testing shows that the proprietary thermoplastic material in Vivera Retainers is more than 30% stronger than other leading clear retainer materials. In fact, our retainers can self-correct (back to the final retained position) certain types of minor relapse, up to .25mm per tooth.*
  • Retainers that are durable
  • Do the retainers you currently use last? Our lab testing indicates that many leading retainer materials begin to deform after as little as two months of simulated daytime use.* Your patients may be wearing retainers that aren’t protecting their smiles.
  • Retainers that work with your retention philosophy
  • Whether you prescribe full-time wear, nights only, or a few nights a week, it is important to have the confidence that your retainer is providing consistent working retention. Vivera Retainers come with four custom retainers for four times the retention coverage.

You can choose whether to use either a new impression, iTero® Scan or Clincheck® treatment stage for each arch.

Vivera Retainers Summary

  • 30% stronger material than other clear thermoplastic materials tested*
  • Helps prevent relapse
  • Works for any patient—Invisalign clear aligners, wires and brackets, or bonded lingual wires and pontics
  • Patient dentition captured digitally and kept on file
  • Takes 50% less office time

*Data on file at Align.

Support for Lingual Wires

Retention for top and bottom arches; full mouth/molar-to-molar retention.

Two options are available for lingual wires:

Vivera retainer fits over bonded lingual wire (covers lingual wire)


Vivera retainer with cut-out for bonded lingual wire (doesn’t cover lingual wire)


Vivera retainers come "ready to go," created according to the doctor's specifications.

Support for Pontics

A retention solution that provides an interim cosmetic solution for missing teeth.

  • Provides an aesthetic solution for the masking of dental spaces while providing orthodontic retention of the entire arch
  • Preserves spaces and prevents the collapse of neighboring teeth
  • Provides an aesthetic solution for the masking of dental spaces after the placement of implants