Product Innovations

We know that nothing is more important to your practice than delivering great results. This is why Align is committed to constantly innovating to improve clinical outcomes for you and your patients.


SmartTrack aligner material improves control of tooth movements with more constant force, higher elasticity, more precise aligner fit and improved patient comfort over previous Invisalign® material.

Invisalign Outcome Simulator

The Invisalign Outcome Simulator is a chairside application, powered by the iTero® or iOC scanner, designed to drive greater patient acceptance by helping patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment.



Our latest ClinCheck Software is simpler, more intuitive and designed to make communication easier and reduce ClinCheck treatment plan revisions. The software includes two drag and drop interfaces for attachments and precision cuts to make communication with Align easy, a simple, customizable design providing a viewable area for the 3D animation, and an online prescription form making it fast and easy to get the treatment plan you want.

Ongoing Innovations

With each generation of clinical innovations, Align continues to advance the science of Invisalign treatment.

iTero® ElementScanner

The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner is designed to fit your practice - delivering speed, reliability, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities. Learn more.

Invisalign G3

Invisalign G3 was engineered to deliver precision cuts for class I and class III patients, SmartForce® features are customized for each tooth for more predictable tooth movements, and ClinCheck software improves communication and reduces ClinCheck treatment plan revisions.

Invisalign G4

Invisalign G4 attachments provide greater root tip control for space closure, mesio-distal root uprighting, and treatment of diastema.

Invisalign G5

Invisalign G5 updates focus on solving deep bite by using precision bite ramps for maxillary incisors, pressure areas for upper and lower incisors and lower canines, and optimized premolar attachments for retention and extrusion. There's also an option to request precision bite ramps.

Invisalign G6

Invisalign G6, Align's first premolar extraction solution, is engineered to improve clinical outcomes of severe crowding or bi-maxillary treatments requiring extraction and planned for maximum anchorage. SmartForce features and SmartStage™ technology are designed to provide precise control of individual and multiple tooth movements.