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75% of the population

could benefit from teeth straightening.

That means 225M people are potential patients!

What Invisalign® provides for your practice

Patient concierge team

An internal team of representatives that connect consumers to Invisalign providers

Align Technology’s Invisalign smile concierge program launched in the U.S. in January 2017, helping consumers who complete a smile assessment at to schedule appointments with Invisalign providers of their choice, in their area.

Consumer awareness

What we do to generate awareness and demand for Invisalign treatment

As the most recognized brand in orthodontics, Invisalign’s direct-to-consumer marketing programs have driven significant volume to Invisalign providers. We strive to generate awareness and demand to the consumer audience, while ensuring that the doctor-patient relationship remains intact. 

In-office marketing

What can be displayed in an office to help start a conversation with patients

We, at Align Technology, have created an array of marketing materials that support you and your practice in driving interest in Invisalign® treatment to both your existing and your new patients. These assets are aligned with our national advertising efforts and with our brand identity for an integrated look and feel, resulting in more effective messaging.

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