Practice Benefits

What Can Invisalign Do for Your Practice?

Research indicates that 74% of the United States population could benefit from straighter teeth* which offers significant income potential for your practice. Here’s why: If you see approximately 72 patients (hygiene and other) per week, you may have over 1,100 Invisalign candidates seeking care each year.

What can that mean for you?

By treating just a small percentage of suitable candidates with Invisalign clear aligners—just two cases a week--you could expand your practice by approximately $500,000 every year.**

Predict the Revenue Potential of Your Current Patient Base

The Invisalign Potential Calculator lets you use your own practice-specific data to estimate the revenue opportunity of Invisalign treatments. Click to see for yourself!

To Register for Training:

If you would like to register for new Invisalign Provider training, please call: 1-866-217-0293 or click here to register online.

* Brunelle, et. al. in Journal of Dental Research (2/96)

** This projection is gross revenue based on a case price to patient of $4800.00. Patient pricing is determined by the doctor. No guarantee of profitability.