"It's a no brainer - just do it. It's going to help you, it's going to help your practice, and it's going to help your patients."

- Dr. Stephen Andreaus, Raleigh, NC

"Invisalign treatment is a win/win situation. When the patient walks out happy, everybody wins!"

- Dr. Janette Carroll, Mt. Vernon, WA


How Invisalign Treatment Is Different

We Give You the Tools and Support You Need to Succeed

You can count on the makers of Invisalign® clear aligners to provide all the information, tools, and support you need to become a successful Invisalign provider. 

Here are just a few reasons Invisalign treatment can help your dental practice thrive and grow:

  • 93% of patients believe Invisalign is worth the investment* for their teeth-straightening needs
  • Our state-of-the-art 3-D software for treatment planning and modifications helps you deliver great results
  • There’s no annual case or continuing education requirement
  • Our valuable online resources are available 24/7 and include hundreds of courses, case studies and tutorials, as well as the Practice Development Center, to support you
  • Our Advantage Program offers you valuable benefits and volume rebates

* U.S. Service Data 2009. Align Technology, Inc.