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Setting up patient financing with LendingPoint

Every smile is unique. So is every budget. LendingPoint patient financing allows you and your team to offer robust and comprehensive financing that consumers expect. With options for no down payment and low monthly payments, your prospective patients have another reason to smile.

Why use LendingPoint?

Approval rates

80% approval rates for FICO scores above 580.

Merchant pricing

Standard loan price is lower than major credit card companies.

Cash flow

Boost cash flow with guaranteed payment and decreased overhead.

Simple workflow

Easy to implement. Split funding means lab fees are paid instantly.

Differentiate your practice with unique patient benefits

No money down

No down payment required means patients can say “yes” today.


Patients can apply on any device in seconds-no paperwork needed!

Doctor locator

Our Smile Concierge team can connect directly to a practice with LendingPoint.

Pre-qualify risk free

Patients can pre-qualify in seconds, with no impact to their credit scores.

Marketing financing to your patients

On your website

Let your prospective patients know that low monthly payments as low as $XX per month are just a quick application away with LendingPoint. With approved applications, your team’s financial conversations may be much simpler.

In email campaigns

LendingPoint provides branded banners through their merchant portal. Use these banners to showcase your low monthly payment offerings.

On social media

Highlight affordable monthly payments on your social media with a link to apply. These images are available through the LendingPoint merchant portal.

Patient frequently asked questions

Yes, LendingPoint’s loan offerings can be used for any orthodontic or dental treatments except for competing clear aligners.

LendingPoint responds to all applicant request in seconds.

Provider frequently asked questions

There are absolutely no hidden fees with LendingPoint: No setup fees, no monthly fees, no monthly minimums LendingPoint has a simple merchant fee structure, doctors only pay when they fund a loan.

LendingPoint offers 'how to' guides and training webinars that walk your staff through the functions of the Merchant Portal and explain how to successfully run applications.

Patient financing education

Microlearn: Patient financing with Joe Gisondi and Dr. Terry Coddington

In this short video, Joe Gisondi, Sr. Program Manager - Patient Financing, and Dr. Terry Codington, DDS discuss the importance of offering flexible financing options and best practices for implementing third-party financing into your workflow.

Microlearn: Patient financing with Joe Gisondi and Dr. Terry Coddington

“We don’t let finances come between a patient and a healthy smile.” That is the message Dr. Codington sends to his prospective Invisalign patients. In this session, he will share how he is able to eliminate that concern and get more patients to say yes to treatment with the LendingPoint program.”

More resources are available

After logging into the Invisalign Doctor Site you will have access to the many patient financing resources that are located in the support section.